Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the saddle!

And rearing to go.  I keep making all these weird innuendos today, sorry, so don't mean them!  I am 3 days back into working out after a few week hiatus, and it feels soooo good!!! I am sore all over and loving it. (again, sorry, that just doesn't sound right)  During my little break I was felling pretty crappy.  I've been attributing it to the time change from our trip to San Diego, and then the other time change, and this back and forth change of seasons that is spring in the Midwest.  I have been so tired that working out was THE LAST THING I could do in the day.  But finally Monday I got to work, and I am feeling soooo much better.  It is the 10,000th time I see again how much better I feel when I am working up some sweat.  It just gets your body moving and that's what feels so impossible when you haven't moved it enough.  So lesson: when feeling lowest MAKE MYSELF WORKOUT ANYWAY BC I WILL FEEL BETTER NOT WORSE!!!

Now that we have our daily lesson, this is my plan:  I am re-doing the bootcamp DVD, but modifying it.  I was loving  the Meta dvd, its all shiny and fancy, but I didn't feel like I was getting enough ab work for my purposes right now.  I still have that I've had 2 babies pooch that needs taming so I really want to address that.  I am not looking to drop much more weight, if a few LBs come off I won't miss them for a second, but this time around its to really firm up the problem areas.  I am going to try to keep the workout to 1 hour per day, 6 days/week.  So far that means I have done 25 reps of legs, 40 of abs and arms, and 10-20 minutes of dance cardio.  It feels so good to not be so rigid about it but to just get in 1 hour of working hard.  Some days I will focus on cardio more, other days on mat more.  I'm gonna just go with it and see what happens!!!

So glad to be back at it!!!  One month till I have to put a bathing suit on and be in public!!!  YIKES!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knock knock, anyone still there???

Well, hello!!! I didn't think there was anyone here, myself included!  I think I fell and blacked out for a minute, or no wait, that was just me not exercising and eating anything and everything for the last 2 weeks. 

But I am back.  I am here writing again bc it gave me the accoountability I needed when I did bootcamp.  I will pull my mushy butt up off the ground and get back to work with the help of this and your kind words of encouragement.  So thank you in advanced!!!

And, to be clear, I WAAASSSS on vacation so I wasn't being a TOTAL lazy bum, but it is a slippery slope my friends!

Currently debating doing parts of bootcamp over, WHAT???? Yes, but I did say parts.  Like maybe 25-30 reps and 10-20 mins of cardio, in order to keep workout down to an hour and a half tops!  Orrrrrrrrrrr, I continue on with the Meta series.  I don't know.  I will play with the 2 over the next couple of days and let you know what I decide.

And just so you know, I am 2 months out of BC and have maintained my weight loss.  I am feeling a bit mushier, esp in my belly, but at least I haven't gained the 10 lbs I thought I would by now!

So here we go again...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE 30 DAY WRAP UP!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!!

Ok people the wait is over, the stats are in, the pictures are loaded (yikes)!!!  It has been one heck of a long month in some ways, but has gone by really fast in others.  I am so glad to be done and OH SO glad that I did it!!!  I finally kicked that baby weight in the ass!!! Now to work on that ass and get it a bit higher and firmer, but that will be chapter two. 

For now I am enjoying my day OFF working out, yay, but it felt really strange to not get up to work out today.  I will REALLY be enjoying my pizza party tonight with my family, because oh cheese and pizza how I missed you sooooo!!!  But then it will be back to work.  My plan is to do the Omni series, as it is music to my ears that it is a ONE HOUR workout.  I will be eating kind of like I did during the last month but with a bit more wiggle (and giggle) room.  I just can't have the all consuming diet plan keep going.  I think I have shifted enough in my eating habits that I can keep things toned down on a daily basis, but if I want to go out to dinner or make braised short ribs, I will.  I only have a few pounds I really wish to kiss off and then work on toning up the rest.  I will keep things posted here on my stage 2 progress.  I am hooked on TAM and so glad that I found it and committed, because clearly this baby weight was not going to magically come off. 

I don't want to bore you with the insights I gained through this experience, but there were many.  I encourage anyone considering this bootcamp to go for it.  I did it the best I could with some cheats and substitutions all over the place but I feel I got significant changes that would not have happened without this structure to work from.  I am certain I would have lost more and toned more if I adhered to every detail and added more reps and did 40+ mins of cardio, but I really couldn't do too much more than 2 hours of exercise with work and kids and life.  The previous days blogs go into detail of what I ate and the amount of daily exercise i did in case you want to see that. 

 So here it is, the results of a mom of 2 that hadn't ever dieted, or worked out in too many months to count until a month ago when the light finally went on:

                                     DAY 1                TODAY (day 31 I guess)             CHANGE
WEIGHT                  156.5  lbs                   142.6  lbs                                     -14 pounds
BUST                           31"                            30.5"                                           .5"
WAIST                        33"                             29" (just under actually)              4+ "
BELLYBUTTON LN   36" on day 10            32"                                            4" in 20 days!
ASIS (top of hip bone)  39"                              36"                                             3"
HIPS                             42"                             37.75"                                        4.25"
THIGHS                        25"                             22.75"                                       2.25"
 BODYFAT %            26.8% day 7              24.1%                                  almost 3%

SIZE JEANS: barley buttoning a 10, now comfortably in size8


Day 2 1/4/11

Day 30 2/1/11

Day 2

Day 30

Day 2

Day 30

Day 30


WAIT FOR IT...................

Day 30

So there you have it peeps.  I hope that you are well on your journey to find what you are looking for. 
Thank you to everyone who gave me encouragement along the way, IT HELPS SOOOO MUCH!!!
This has been awesome and I look forward to keeping it going!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

DAY 28, I'm back, as in back to life from yesterday!

Oh what a difference a day makes.  I was crawling yesterday, but today is a whole new day.  I was able to go back to sleep until 10 this morning, and that is amazing and I think what my body REALLY needed.  The timing of my body being over worked, the cleanse diet and my period was not a good combo yesterday.  So let's move on shall we?

Today I did cheat, again, and had an egg for breakfast.  Then kale juice then off to workout.  I was able to do 35 reps of legs, 40 of abs, and 40 of arms.  And I got in 30 minutes of cardio.  It all felt pretty good today.  My ankles and knees are ready for a break.  I have to do this on a basement floor with 2 layers of area rugs.  Its less than optimal and I am starting to feel it.  My legs and hip area is feeling much firmer and stronger.  I think my ab area will be the last to give, and that may take another month or two.  I should post a picture of how huge I was with my last pregnancy and you would understand.  My belly reached the other side of the room, it was crazy.  So getting things back in order I knew would be a challenge.  Its just encouraging to know that others actually have been able to get the skin to go back, so if that take more time, fine.

I want to be clear that I totally understand that I have cheated and made exceptions on this 30 day journey.  I did what I have felt capable of doing.  I have never dieted in my life, I was always naturally thin and ate what ever, when ever (although I am an overall healthy eater).  but it had been a while since I was really in any decent shape (like 6 years ago).  I totally fell off the wagon after kids.  For the first time ever I had a belly and back fat and more hips and more cellulite.  And baby 2 only made matters worse.  So for me to be as restricted as I have been and as dedicated to working out as I have been has been huge.  I would love to be done with the belly fat now, but again, knowing it can happen is good enough for me right now.  Like I said in an earlier post, I'm not going to the SAG awards tonight or any other night in my near future, so I have time.  I'm good.

I really appreciate all comments I have gotten, it really helps on the days when you just want to forget it and go to town on what ever is near by.  I hope that reading how I have done this month vs the by the bookers (Summer and Laura to be specific)  will give you a comparison.  To see yes, you will get results, but they may not be the end of the road towards your goal.  

Alright here's to 2 MORE FRICKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

DAYS 25, 26 AND 27!!! Holy cow where has the time gone???

So I've been MIA for a few days here.  Things have been a little crazy and with the 2 and a half hour work outs, its hard to have time to do the rest of my life.  My god the end cannot come soon enough!!!

So the cleanse began yesterday.  And god, just when I thought I was fully in swing to finish strong, ugh, this is so hard.  I did pretty good yesterday but had to have a Think Thin bar after my workout due to the shakes I was having.  Then I had spontaneous date night which NEVER happens, soooo....we went so see Burn the Floor, which was amazing full of awesome percussion and dance, inspiring for sure.  But before my husband wanted to grab a bite, so I had a small bowl of soup and a glass of white wine.  I could not resist.  I am a weak weak person.  But it felt like the right thing to do. 

And now today.  DAy 2 of cleanse and i am draaaaagggggingggggg.  I don't think my metabolism is suited for this.  When I went to work out I was so shaky again I had another Think Thin bar.  It helped but I gotta say this was BY FAR THE HARDEST WORKOUT TO DATE.  Every single second was hard and painful and the only good thing about each rep was that it brought me one rep closer to being done.  I got through 30 reps of legs, 20 of abs, no arms and 20 mins of cardio.  I was sweating and shaky and it still took me an hour and a half to do.  My kids are currently eating and its killing me, trying to stay away.  Can't wait for my oh so satisfying chicken protein soup and my sweet potato corn mash, yum yum :(  But at least I have choco chestnut pudding to look forward to !!!  And that reminds me, yesterday I did NOT eat my kiwi or the choco pudding so I figure I swapped the calories for the soup and wine, right? right?  I thought so!

I think these last few days are like your last few reps in a sequence, the total killers but what you need to complete to push yourself to the next place.  I just wish it involved a little more substance. 

3 more days of this, I can do it, I can do it I can do it....
oh and weight down to 144.2, the silver lining I suppose.
oh AND my monthly cycle started today, so definitely not helping the ol' energy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DAY 24!!! As I sit here eating my pureed broccoli soup

And can I just say how freakin delicious the mango smoothie is?  I was not looking forward to it, as I like mango but not in the way people who like mango like them.  And keifer as we all know is tolerable, but not exactly on the top of my list of foods to eat, I mean drink?  So the combo??? Fantastic!  The keifer negates the over sweet mango and the mango balances the whatever tastes that makes keifer keifer.  Try it!  And i used Trader Joes frozen mango slices, bc really finding a good ripe mango in Ohio in Jan? no.

The workout continues to be brutal.  It is crazy that its hard in such a different way.  Its not like holy crap my gluets are on fire, it more like holy crap my entire body is WORKING SO HARD to do this.  But it takes for ever! Over an hour and just got 30 reps of legs and abs.  After work I will have to finish off with arms and 30 minutes of cardio, bc realistically that's about all I will be able to muster up at 8:30 tonight. 

Food sticking to the book with the minor addition of 1 hard boiled egg bc I worked out this morning and I know it would be a while before lunch and lunch is this broccoli soup, no protein.  Some of the days of this diet I am wondering if they were really detailed edited because it seems very uneven.  Some days tons of protein, little fruit, other days tons of fruit, little protein.  IDK, just saying, since the video and book contain errors, maybe someone dropped the ball a little in editing.  Or maybe not and there is meaning behind every choice.  Which I wish was addressed in the book more.  Why this, why that?  Why this exercise then that.  i like to understand the reasons behind those things it helps me stay the course.  But, not complaining just saying.  I love this method and I am hooked!

Oh and down one more pound, BOO-ya!!
See you tomorrow for Day 25!! YESSSSSSSSSAHHHHH

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DAY 23 ...10,9,8,7!!!!

I cursed and sweat (and cursed and sweat etc etc) my way through day 3 of sequence 3 thinking why why why do we have to do downward dog with a split and side sweep???  Is there a way I can get out of this one?  Who would know really???  It takes me like a half hour just to get through those.  I have to stop every five, and its making my left hand go numb.  I want to see some serious payoff from that move.  As I said yesterday i do like this sequence, it is hard in a different way.  It tests your flexibility and stability a lot.  So I feel sore in totally new way, just like Miss Anderson predicted.  Damn her and her teeny tiny smarty pants.

So no new deep thoughts or revelations to share.  I am feeling very motivated to finish strong as if this is my last chance to get rid of this belly fat once and for all.  I kind of keep forgetting that after Tuesday I actually do have to keep doing this (just not quite so regimented, and not for 1.5-2 hours EVERY DAY).  So 7 more days of this, but then what?  Eat pizza that's what!  (just for a day)

Exercise: 30 reps of all-took me an hour and a half just to do this and I am not kidding.  Then 20 minutes of cardio bc by god I had to get ready for work.  I plan to do 20 mins more tonight (lets all pray for me now, that I actually do it). 

Food: by the book today, apple w PB, turkey burger w tomatoes and basil, and turkey and broccoli waiting for me when I get home.  Oh I did have a non menu snack of a carrot and 2 tablespoons of Baba ganoush (how ever the hell you spell that, you know the stuff like hummus but made w eggplant and its delicious).

I weighed in this morning, and drummmmmm rollllllll, down another LB to 146.2, which my dear friends is a 10 pound LOSS!!!! So come on 6 more and I will be around target weight!!!

Here's to finally getting my belly to have muscle tone after those 2 little babies stole it away! YAY

oh in case I didn't already say this...7 days to go!!