Monday, January 17, 2011

Dasy 14 and DAY 15!!! HALF WAY TO PERFECTION :) (right?)

So day 14 was nothing exciting to write about, other than I kind of cheated and had a small slice of bread AND a small small small piece of cake bc it was my niece's birthday and I only have sooo much willpower.  I have realized 2 things: 1. weekends are way worse for me and the eating and exercise thing, too much going on and 2. that 6am doesn't work for me as a wake up and workout time.  I stopped fooling myself and gave up on setting the alarm and have worked it into my day in other ways.  But that may mean loosing 10 minutes of cardio here and there bc of kids or work or what have you.

SOOOO the big DAY 15!  !*!*!*!****!!! (that's confetti and streamers).  I will take my half way there pictures this evening and post them at some point.  It may or may not look different from the initial pictures, but I feel different.  You know when you stick your stomach out to gross out your friends by showing them how huge your stomach really is, well, I can't do that like I could, it simply just doesn't push out like it did.  So if nothing else, I have that.  Weight is holding steady around the 149 mark.  I don't like that I have become so caught up on this number bc I honestly never ever weigh myself or have been concerned with my actual weight.  And now that I am doing it every day I have become a bit attached to it and what that means.  I get a little "urgh" when I step up and its not different from the day before. I dont like that.  On the positive note, my scale measures body fat percentage and that has been changing by a half percentage point every couple days!!  So good scale, bad scale, make of it what you want.

Exercise: 30 reps of all.  So that means on the exercise where you alternate sides I do 60 total so that would be 30 on right/ 30 on left.  Referring mostly to the abs and arm work.  Then I got in 30 mins of dance cardio.  I felt pretty good doing it all today. 

Food: trying to make up for my weekend oopsies: I had a half a stinkin grapefruit for breakfast.  I said I wouldn't do it and I did it.  And it was ok.  Lunch 1 turkey w avocado rolled up in red leaf lettuce.  I just had a string cheese.  I will have salmon for dinner. 

So still hanging in there, doing what I can.  I cannot believe I am half way done, it has gone by really fast.  So here's to the next 15 and a fabulously strong finish!!!


  1. New to your site, but hurray for you for sticking to that diet!!! I am a horribly picky eater (not by choice) and most of the stuff on her menu makes me want to vomit. literally. So i do the best I can with fresh fruits, lean proteins, and some fiber for kicks. One weird question: after working out i feel that my belly fat sticks out more. Maybe cause i've just worked those muscles? I feel your pain on the scale thing. I'm 5'5 and about 140, and I can't get that damn scale to go down. Keep going!!!!! :)

  2. it's all downhill from here ally! and being one of the friends to bear witness to the sticking out of the stomach to gross out friends i think it was always meant to make said friend feel better about their OWN "gross" sticking out stomach! congrats on loosing that! xo!

  3. you're doing awesome girlee!!!

    Day 17 is done for me....and while I thought it would get seems HARDER the closer to the end I get!

    What's that all about anyway?