Saturday, January 8, 2011

DAY 5 AND DAY 6!!!

So I am saving you the bother of reading 2 days worth of info by combining into 1.  Lucky you. 

So yesterday, Day 5, I was feeling awesome.  Really good energy, my body was feeling different.  More together and pulled up and in if that makes sense.  I had limited workout time so I did 30 minutes of DC and just the abs section, 40 reps.  It felt great.  I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and a few slices of my left over flank steak in a wrap with cilantro and spinach.  So, clearly not by the book, but doing what I can.  I had some cantaloupe as a snack, and about 5 cashews.  I think pretty good.  Then last night hit.  Ok I have the best excuse in the world for falling off the train a little, AND I still did so good!!!

My mom had a party with 6 of the top chefs from our city coming to prepare a 6 course meal for her and her 11 dinner guests.  I was there not as a guest but to help with the serving.  I cannot begin to describe the torture I was in smelling and plating and carrying all of this decadent unbelievable food around!  I only had a bite of a few of the dishes, as the chefs were giving me a pretty hard time about it.  But the big problem was the wine.  Sorry, I did, it I drank the wine. Oops, can't say it won't happen again, but limited.  I mean really, was I supposed to NOT drink and be merry with these guys?  I think I know what you would have done.

So today, Day 6.  Feeling good again today.  I just finished 28 reps of legs, and 40 reps of arms and abs.  Then I did 30 mins of DC.  I weighed my self last night and still holding out at 152lbs.  Day 10 I will remeasure and take more pictures, which I will not post until this is over and I can un-embarrass myself by having something to show for it!!

Thanks for reading and keeping me going!!!!


  1. Yay! Have you tried weighing in in the mornings? I prefer it that way I know the weight is all me not my food for the day (not that there's much of it).

    Don't blame you for hoarding the pictures, that's what I'm doing too! I swear I have them they just needs a finished result to go next to them :)

    Keep going you're doing great!

    <3 Jen

  2. Thanks Jen!!! What day are you and how's it going for you?

  3. hey ally! are you holding a baguette in your profile pict? how a propos and hilarious! i love your blog, it's very inspiring! i envy the fact that you have your basement! i tried doing the dc this morning in the master stateroom! it's smaller than your current bedroom and has a much lower ceiling! i can't jump either because it will pound through the whole boat. i just wanted to cut loose and dork out but i had no room! and thank god, no mirrors although i think i would have liked the comic relief seeing myself rock some of those moves! keep up the good work! xo