Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DAY 24!!! As I sit here eating my pureed broccoli soup

And can I just say how freakin delicious the mango smoothie is?  I was not looking forward to it, as I like mango but not in the way people who like mango like them.  And keifer as we all know is tolerable, but not exactly on the top of my list of foods to eat, I mean drink?  So the combo??? Fantastic!  The keifer negates the over sweet mango and the mango balances the whatever tastes that makes keifer keifer.  Try it!  And i used Trader Joes frozen mango slices, bc really finding a good ripe mango in Ohio in Jan? no.

The workout continues to be brutal.  It is crazy that its hard in such a different way.  Its not like holy crap my gluets are on fire, it more like holy crap my entire body is WORKING SO HARD to do this.  But it takes for ever! Over an hour and just got 30 reps of legs and abs.  After work I will have to finish off with arms and 30 minutes of cardio, bc realistically that's about all I will be able to muster up at 8:30 tonight. 

Food sticking to the book with the minor addition of 1 hard boiled egg bc I worked out this morning and I know it would be a while before lunch and lunch is this broccoli soup, no protein.  Some of the days of this diet I am wondering if they were really detailed edited because it seems very uneven.  Some days tons of protein, little fruit, other days tons of fruit, little protein.  IDK, just saying, since the video and book contain errors, maybe someone dropped the ball a little in editing.  Or maybe not and there is meaning behind every choice.  Which I wish was addressed in the book more.  Why this, why that?  Why this exercise then that.  i like to understand the reasons behind those things it helps me stay the course.  But, not complaining just saying.  I love this method and I am hooked!

Oh and down one more pound, BOO-ya!!
See you tomorrow for Day 25!! YESSSSSSSSSAHHHHH

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  1. Hmm what errors have you found in the video and book??