Monday, January 10, 2011


Today began on the groggy side and I thought for sure when the kids nap I will have to nap (as I do not work on Mondays, usually).  I got to treat my little tootsies to a Reflexology session and that felt amazing as my feet have definitly been working hard.  Getting a massage tomorrow and I can't wait!  I feel like my muscles need a nice wringing out and then be fresh and new! 

When nap time rolled around, I instead laced up my shoes and went to work.  And it was great again.  The leg work is getting better, but I am dying doing those connection push ups.  And my wrists are starting to hurt a bit...anyone else?  But the cardio was fun and I did the last 10 minutes with both my kids bouncing around the room with me.  My daughter was yelling "Dance Party!!!"  and she loves a party! 

Food:  I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast.  I honestly do not think I will be able to do half a grapefruit as breakfast.  I feel my body needs protein in the morning to get going.  Lunch I had my leftover salmon and roasted veggies and it was great and filling.  I had a few almonds around 5pm, but I really felt pretty good all day.  Dinner I made the turkey burgers and that too was tasty (approved by husband and daughter).  And I had a little cucumber, tomato, avocado, and basil salad to go with.  I am still full 2.5 hours later. 

I am so excited that day 10 is so close.  I have been breaking this into 10 day intervals in my head and it seems I will make it through the first, so of course I can do the other 2! 

So glad to be doing this, I really feel a shift in my body and it feels great!

Till tomorrow...happy hopping!!!

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