Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 19...almost to the big 2-0!!!

Other than today being the day before Day 20, there is not much going on.  I am trying to stick closer to the book on the diet, so therefore I want to stuff my face with anything and everything right now.  Just had 2 pieces of a sushi roll, yum yum!  ( I mean it really is cruel for my family to eat regular food around me, I have shown my willpower is thinner than a triscut (yum). 

Exercise was a bit of a bummer today.  I got 35 reps of everything but it took me FOREVER.  I was dragging through the DC and my knees and back of my calves were killing so I couldn't jump as much.  But I got through 30mins, it just didn't feel as productive as it usually does.

Food: 1 hard boiled egg, beet and orange salad with some grilled chicken, leftover grilled chicken and roasted broccoli and cauliflower cold out of the Tupperware bc I was so starving by the time I got to it.  Oh, ya, and the 2 sushi rolls.  I can't promise I won't get into my popcorn tonight.  It is so lo cal and it just helps me get through the night.  Clearly I have some trouble with night time snacking.  Its just part of me.  But replacing brie cheese and crackers with a little fat free plain popcorn will probably be a better choice :) unfortunately.

So tomorrow will be measuring and weigh in day.  We shall see.  But most importantly, it will be day 20!

Peace and love,

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  1. twenty days tomorrow, wow. good job! only ten more days to go then you are there! (wherever that is!) looking fwd to the measurements and weigh in results. xo