Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 17

Feeling frustrated by my non-budging scale so I think I will stop the daily weigh-ins for a few days.  I feel I've hit a major plateau and nothing is happening.  My stomach feels pouchier than it did a week ago.  I guess due to my going off the book here and there?  I don't know, but I do know that I have been trying really hard and eating really well so that's about what I can do right now. 

Those were my morning thoughts of frustration.  I then began my exercise for the day and really noticed a change in my strength.  Moves that I could barely get my leg in position I could get through 30 and uped my reps to 35.  The dancing is getting easier, I am keeping up.  So it made me think that Days 11-20 should be renamed the "mind game series".  There's the elation after the first week and loosing 7 pounds, followed by nada change which leads to frustration and WTF thoughts.  I know Tracy says in the book that this series is designed to increase the brain/muscle communication, and I'm getting that.  There have been more "emotional" or mental road blocks during this portion.  But, there is something clicking in a different way and it doesn't show up on my scale.  Yes I want the flab roll to disappear so that when I sit down it does not fold over the top of my waist band, yes, yes I want that, but as much as Tracy is a miracle worker, that may not totally happen in one month.  And that's ok, because this whole thing is not for this one month, it is a way to drastically shift my habits so that in 6 months I can still talk about how much I love TAM and that the things I have learned become part of my daily life, without the careful planning and attention to every detail.  It will just be. 

So that's my thoughts for today, this middle of the road boring ol' day 17.  I knew going into this these were the days that would drag, and they are. 
Until tomorrow my friends, keep up the good work!!!

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  1. Don't let your brain overlook all your progess! you are doing so well :) Keep up the good work, and if the scale doesn't budge we can totally take a sledge hammer to the damn thing!