Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 13, the day the pity party showed up

Last night I felt it creep in, but I thought it was the lack of carbs talking, so I had some popcorn, AND toast with peanut butter.  I thought that did the trick, but around noon today, smack, I got hit in the face.  So I spent most the day in a pitiful mood, and inner dialogue-ing all the way.  I finally concluded that since I had been feeling soooo good up until today it MUST mean my body needs a rest.  So no exercise, day of rest.  Of course my mom and husband both agreed.  Ah, see even they think its ok if I take the day off.  So 2 seconds after I said, ya, I don't think I'm going to exercise today, I sat down, and opened up Tracy's book.  And wa-la, page 31, commitment=results, "That's why I'm asking you to SHOW UP EVERY DAY"  goddamn her, she knows how to get you!  And that's what I did.  THANK YOU Tracy for being so damn insistent!

Exercise:  got in 25 reps of legs, 30-40 of arms and abs, and 20 mins of dance cardio.  I needed to be done in 1 hour in order to deal with the kids this eve.  But at least I did my hour and the guilt can wash off me, YAY!!!

Food: missed breakfast bc wasn't hungry and dealing with other things around the house.  Lunch black beans w grilled tofu and grilled peppers.  I had to grab something out bc of how the day unfolded but it seemed rather appropriate.  Snack: half grapefruit.  Dinner: flank steak and roasted broccoli and cauliflower. 

So there you have it.  I did all that I could to NOT do it today and she still won.  Remember those pages when you need the extra encouragement: PAGE 31-32!!!

Until tomorrow, one day closer to HALF WAY!!!  WOOT WOOT!!



  1. Way to get through a tough day! Those days happen unfortunately, I think it's your body being crabby that you're actually make it get in shape and eat healthy. You just need to show it who's boss!

    Keep rocking it!

    <3 Jen

  2. good job ally! hang in there! you have exercised hard everyday for nearly 2 weeks and been so committed! that's HUGE! don't give up or give in even a little. remember how good you feel AFTER you exercise no matter how much you're not feeling it BEFORE. when i don't feel like exercising i just set out to do the very very minimum and i almost always end up doing more than i intended and feeling so much better after. imagine how good you are going to feel after doing every single day for 30 days, stay fixed on the sense of accomplishment, it will be worth it! xo, bh

  3. Great encouragement! Good job rockin' that workout despite feeling crummy. Hang in there!