Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Laying in bed last night at midnight after not finishing my work out until 1030, I was dreading how crappy I would feel today.  Oh the torture.  However, I was amazed that, yes I was sore, but not the all over crappy flu-like I was expecting.  I was able to do my workout at 1030am this morning which was an awesome time of the day for me.  I was a little cocky going into the first exercise, like, oh man this is so much easier today, then we got to exercise 2, 3, etc etc and the inner dialogue of hate and curse words began.  I found if I just stayed focus on counting and my breath I could get through it all fairly smoothly.  I was able to do 25 reps of each leg exercise, and 30 each of the abs and arms.  I did 25 mins of DC.  I was pretty spent and huffing and puffing, but I made it through.  I have a hard time keeping up with some of her moves in the DC.  Especially the move I call the basketballer, I don't know why but when she does that foot hopping thing- hop, hop on right while left foot kicks out and in a bit- she looks like such a badass basketball player.  And I look like the biggest dork.  So that is encouraging. 

MUSIC TIP!!! I brought my laptop down to the basement (where I am forced to do this so as to stay out of view of anyone) and I put on Pandora.  There is a "dance" genre option and it worked great.  It was cool to not know what song would be next and if you dont like it you can hop on over and hit skip.  Worked perfectly.

The weigh in:  Unless I have shed an unhumanly possible amount of weight and now weigh 10 lbs, my stupid Target scale is not working.  Soooo I have to get a replacement ASAP, along with that measuring tape.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, do they ever end????  Oh and did I mention the fun of doing this and having 2 sick kids at home, one that is 1 and just wants to be held, and my arms are saying sorry buddy. 

Oh and I earned another slap on the wrist because I used a spinach tortilla to wrap instead of lettuce today for my wrap.  I had to.  My survival is important.  So, clearly I am not able to follow the diet to a "T" I have been ad-libbing a bit.  I scan through the days and pick out what sounds closest to something I would like to eat and have that.  But 4 lbs down as of yesterday, and my muscles are definitly working, so we'll see how it goes.

All for now, SOSOSOSOSOOOOOO glad my workout is done for the day. 

27 days to go...

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  1. Hi Ally-I am also doing the BC and started on the 2nd. I am and American-but living in Seoul Korea-so I am at least 14 hours ahead of you depending on where you live (CA-it would be 17). Anwyay, I am also 5'9' but your weight is what I want to get down to!. Hang in there. My kids are a little older (8 & 10) and it's still hard. Not sure how you are doing it with little ones. The food is the hardest part. Do not be hard on yourself-you do what you have to. I understand-you have to make meals for the other people, you dont' have a chef dropping it off (I can't even find all that stuff here) but you are doing something and that is great. Yesterday I took a lot of little bites of stuff-while making the kids food, etc and today (my day 5)I only lost about 6oz. I'm down 6+lbs. but still. That was enough to get my going on the food part. You can do this-so can I! I will check in with you since I am on the same schedule (only earlier-make sense?).