Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2, part 3

10:30 pm and I am ready to put some wrapping paper on this day.  Got the workout done, and it felt a little more coordinated to do today, but still in misery most the time.  You know its bad when you get to the abs section and you say YES!! But my god, the leg work is B-R-U-T-A-L!!!  If you could hear the inner dialogue in my head it would seem I have terrets.  Sorry Tracy, but I pretty much say I hate you over and over and over.  (of course I don't, don't even know you, but you get it).

I did 21 reps of all the muscle work, even 30 on some of the abs (bc like I said, yes!)  And I will admit that while doing the first cardio section I really was only going to do that one bc it was so late, and I actually wanted to do section 2!  Whew hew for me!!!  So still only 20 mins of cardio, but at least I did it.

Measurments I so promised:
bust line: 31"
waist: 33"
ASIS (top of hip bones) 39"
hips: 42"
thighs: 25"

these were taken with a very high tech device (a string) so may be ever so slightly off.  I will look into something more official as this continues.

AND the weigh in:
152.6 lbs, are you saying WTF bc I am.  Yesterday 156.6, 4 lbs in one day?  I don't know but maybe starting my cycle had something to do with that?  Or that I'm starving?  On the food note,I was definitely dying at the end of work, but came home grilled chicken and roasted asparagus and am fine now.  But can't wait for my cocoa dessert, just cause I can.

Peace for tonight.  Really really really dreading tomorrow morning's soreness.
And I need some music soon!

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  1. Oh it's real. Over the course of the first 2 days my weightloss buddy and I each lost 5 pounds. I didn't believe it either but I'm noticing a trend. Congrats though its an awesome feeling to see real results for real effort

    <3 Jen