Sunday, January 23, 2011

DAY 20!!!!! (in Oprah's deep announcing voice) and Day 21

Woot-woot!!!! Day 20 day 20!! Yay-ya!!!!  Sorry for leaving all of you (and by all of you I mean, what 15 of you, but anyway) high and dry on the BIG day, but I was sooooo poooped last night by the time I got the kids to bed and took an epsom salt bath I was d-o-n-e. 

But here we are!! The wait is over.  I made it to the next milestone, and the end is in sight.  I will be taking this in 5 day increments.  Just got to make it to Thursday, then the cleanse begins, but lets not go there yet.

Back to the the last 2 days.  Yesterday I finished sequence 2 strong.  I still did 35 reps of all, and 30 of cardio but that is really due to time issues.  Its nearly impossible for me to get in more than 1.5 hours.  So I just worked each thing really hard and made the most of my time.  I actually felt more sore today than I had in a while, so that was good.  I mainly stuck to the book diet yesterday but I made a veggie burger/turkey burger combo.  It was great!

And now today.  Sticking to book as much as I could I had 1 hard boiled egg (no kale juice bc ran out of kale).  Lunch the chicken protein soup I had leftover.  Dinner chicken (instead of tofu) arugula salad.

But the main point of interest for the day is the new sequence.  Again the "you are a crazy b---h" comments were back, but this time FOR REAL!!!  I mean come on.  The hardest part is figuring out what the hell she is doing.  And there are multiple ones where the book and video are different, so that doesn't help.  I went along with a LOT of distractions today just trying to get the moves down and did about 20 of each.  My cardio today was sled riding and walking up and down the hill to retrieve my daughter's sled.  That kind of counts, right?  It was on off day ok, just wasn't quite up to par, but I did what I could with the day I had.  Weekends are so hard, only one more to get through!

So now the real meat, the measurements:
WEIGHT:  148.2 lbs (down from 156.5 on day 1, 149.4 on day 10) = 8 lb difference
BUST: 30.5  = down from 31" day 1
WAIST: 29.5  = down from 33" day 1, 30.75" day 10
BELLYBUTTON LINE32.5"  = DOWN 3.5 INCHES since day 10!!!
ASIS (hip bones): 37"   =down from 39" day 1, 38" day 10
HIPS:  39.5"  = down from 42" day 1. and 40.5 day 10
THIGH:  23.75"  = down from 25" day 1, and 24" day 10

So things slowed down in some areas from day 10 to 20 but there continued to be changes in each area. 

PICTURE TIME (holy crap, please stop me before I hit publish)

These were taken on day 2.  This is humiliating I can't believe I am doing this.  And yes I got an umbilical hernia from my last pregnancy and it isn't pretty.  But I want you to see what I am working with and it is some real flab.

And these were taken today.  Clearly not surgical results, but on the right path for 20 days.

A lot of work left to do, but at least I can see the shell of my old body peeking out!!! There is hope!
(Sorry for the poor camera work, its a little degrading to take these so I just want it over with, no retakes)

Alright people...this is it, and now you've seen the real me, yikes.  Lets see where this next 10 (9 now!) days takes us!!!  Here's to everyone's encouragement and hard work.  Love it!

Peace out,


  1. Girl, those are great results! Kudos to you :)

  2. wow ally! you should be proud! the side shot is the most dramatic and your thighs in the front on ones look SO much smaller. quite impressive results and quite inspiring! good work :-)