Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4- To the Floor!

And not the exercise floor.  Literally the floor.  Can't I just grab a warm blankie and lay down for a while?  I was so good and in bed lights off by 10pm last night, alarm set for the elusive 6am.  And then the baby woke at 3:30am screaming his little head off.  My husband, thank god, got up to deal with him, as I found it nearly impossible to move my head, arms, or legs.  After quite a while of crying I finally drug myself out of bed to see if I could help.  I was told, thank god, to go back to bed, so I did.  But I had to listen to this on and off crying for another hour.  Teething babies=no fun.  Point being, when the ring ring of 6am hit, guess what happened?  I talked myself out of getting up, yet again.  I kept playing out in my head how I would possibly be able to go on with the long day ahead of me if I did this to myself right now, and that was all I needed to hear and fell back to sleep until 7:30, at which time I still felt loaded down with bricks. AND a raging caffeine headache.  Shitballs, this is going to be a fun day.

This was followed by 2 hours of me trying to get showered and dresses with a still incredibly cranky baby who: a) had 2 unbelievably terrible diaper needs if you know what I mean, b) went through  the bathroom garbage as I was trying to get out of the shower c) threw his beloved blankie in the toilet and d) I cant remember what d. was but you get the picture.  All this while my body is in slow motion and my brain hurts.  Sooooo, a had a small cup of coffee and a least I feel a bit more alive. 

But it made me think this morning in my home sanctuary I go to ever morning to pray and reflect, i.e, my shower, how the f am I going to make this through and, more importantly, how did Laura "by the book" (love her) do this, by the book.  She's more nuts than Tracy, just saying.  But to each her/his own.  I'm ok with where I am and what I'm doing.  I hope to get some results so that I will be motivated to keep it up.  I'm not going to an Oscar party in a few weeks, as much as I would like to, so I don't really need to look like I am.  If I could sit down and not have a rolling pin worth of flab hang over the waist of my jeans I will be totally satisfied (for now :)

So thanks to my new followers, you give me reason to keep trying.  So I will have to lace up tonight after the kids go to bed and rock it out with Tracy!!!  Bring it!

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