Saturday, January 29, 2011

DAYS 25, 26 AND 27!!! Holy cow where has the time gone???

So I've been MIA for a few days here.  Things have been a little crazy and with the 2 and a half hour work outs, its hard to have time to do the rest of my life.  My god the end cannot come soon enough!!!

So the cleanse began yesterday.  And god, just when I thought I was fully in swing to finish strong, ugh, this is so hard.  I did pretty good yesterday but had to have a Think Thin bar after my workout due to the shakes I was having.  Then I had spontaneous date night which NEVER happens, soooo....we went so see Burn the Floor, which was amazing full of awesome percussion and dance, inspiring for sure.  But before my husband wanted to grab a bite, so I had a small bowl of soup and a glass of white wine.  I could not resist.  I am a weak weak person.  But it felt like the right thing to do. 

And now today.  DAy 2 of cleanse and i am draaaaagggggingggggg.  I don't think my metabolism is suited for this.  When I went to work out I was so shaky again I had another Think Thin bar.  It helped but I gotta say this was BY FAR THE HARDEST WORKOUT TO DATE.  Every single second was hard and painful and the only good thing about each rep was that it brought me one rep closer to being done.  I got through 30 reps of legs, 20 of abs, no arms and 20 mins of cardio.  I was sweating and shaky and it still took me an hour and a half to do.  My kids are currently eating and its killing me, trying to stay away.  Can't wait for my oh so satisfying chicken protein soup and my sweet potato corn mash, yum yum :(  But at least I have choco chestnut pudding to look forward to !!!  And that reminds me, yesterday I did NOT eat my kiwi or the choco pudding so I figure I swapped the calories for the soup and wine, right? right?  I thought so!

I think these last few days are like your last few reps in a sequence, the total killers but what you need to complete to push yourself to the next place.  I just wish it involved a little more substance. 

3 more days of this, I can do it, I can do it I can do it....
oh and weight down to 144.2, the silver lining I suppose.
oh AND my monthly cycle started today, so definitely not helping the ol' energy.

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  1. Oh that monthly cycle!!! Rrrrrgh....that's what got a handful of extra chocolate chips into my mouth! Dang pms.

    Hang in there....comfort food is just DAYS away!