Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DAY 16! Whoop-di-do!

Day 16 was a long ass day.  I was up early with kiddos and had a busy day at work.  So coming home at 7pm with an hour and a half work out in front of me kinda sucked, but I did it and I feel great!!!  I hope I'm back on the feeling great train and left lousy back at the station.  I am getting stronger and feeling more coordinated in the movements.  I can EVEN do the grapevine with the SPIN NOW!!! Do you know how exciting that is to me.  I don't trip over my feet AND I keep time with her.  Now if I could get the shoulder isolations with the ab section in the DC I'd really be a rock star.  (and I'm really not THAT uncoordinated, but for some reason that move evades me).

Exercise: 30 reps of all legs, and each side for all abs and arms.  I definitely felt I could do more today but dealing with the time issue I kept it to 30.  EXCEPT for the dreaded connection push-ups with the attitude lift, I did 20, which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to me.  Then 30 minutes of DC and I really pushed myself, sweat a ton, and felt like I almost didn't have to stop during the on and on bouncing/jumping jack portion.  (total time 1.5 hours)

Food: 1 basted egg, abt 4 oz of keifer with some blueberries, turkey, sprouts, spinach, avo wrap; kiwi with mint salad (yum yum), and grilled chicken over red leaf lettuce with tomatoes and sprouts. 

And I am done and done with day 16!  13 days and counting...

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