Sunday, January 9, 2011

DAy 7!!! Week ONE DOWN!!!

Yes!  My first milestone, 1 WEEK!!! And it really was very doable.  I am encouraged and ready to boot up for week 2.  I'm a little scared of Sequence 2 and the involvment of the chair that will come in a few days.  But for now doing great.  Today I did 30 reps of the leg work and 40of abs and arms.  I gotta say I HATE HATE HATE the "three taps leg lift"  move.  It kills me.  But I can tell I am getting stronger bc I feel like I am pushiong through to do the move fully rather than feeling like I am lifing a load of bricks off the ground.  I'm pretty sure my shoes weight about 10 pounds more than Tracy's.  Then I did 40 minutes of DC!  Finally hit the 40 mins mark.  It was fun and felt great.  I used Pandora again today and did a "DJ Dan" station and it was fun. 

Food today: one small breakfast sausage (turkey) and kale/apple/carrot/garlic juice.  Which, by the way was so yummy my kids were drinking it and I hardly got any.  Lunch: turkey, lettuce, and one super thin slice of cheese.  Dinner: the orange glazed slamon and roasted cauilflower, broccoli, and fennel (w garlic).  So so so good!!!  I'm satisfied, and I feel great. 

Finally got a new scale and still holding at 152 lbs. 

So I guess that's it for today, nothing too exciting, just gald to be a week closer to the finale!!!!

23 days to go...YAY!


  1. Congratulations! I bought the book today and plan on starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed for an early morning wake up and work out!

  2. Just read your blog for the first time. I think you are doing great. I have been doing TAM for almost 2 years and I have 2 children. Her method has given me my body back. You will get great results. Just follow Tracy's advice.