Thursday, January 13, 2011

DAY 11!!

And so begins Sequence #2...and so returned the f-bombs and the hate you's.  Jesus H, some of those moves were tough.  This stuff definitely points out your weaknesses and rips them apart.  Mine being my gluets, quads, and hip flexors.  Ouch!!! Sums up today.

But more importantly, as I was prepping to exercise today I was deep in thought about doing this and getting my body back, as in its my body again, since it has been used as a vessel for conceiving, growing, birthing, and nursing 2 babies over the last 4+ years.  So now its time for me to have it for me.  Anyway, I was composing my whole monologue on the subject as I busted out my floor work, and I thought of some really important things to say.  However, when I went to change for my shower and did the usual pinching and smacking of the belly rolls, I noticed something else.  Something else seems to be getting smaller too, yes, I'm talking about the girls.  WTF?  Come on now.  Where's the justice in this?  I don't remember reading this is the fine print.  I don't remember seeing an *, followed by "may cause loss of breast tissue, please be prepared".  Anyone who has nursed should feel my pain.  You get the once in a lifetime chance to have 'em, but the use is kind of limited, then they go back, way back to worse than before.  And now this.  Thanks alot.  Humff.

Its a price I am willing to pay, but its messed up none the less.

Food: 2 (yes 2) basted eggs.  And may I say if you have not basted an egg please try it.  I think I have perfected it.  Its like a fried meets poached meets hard boiled egg and its yumm-o (thanks rr). Then 1 left over turkey burger in lettuce wraps with avocado.  And about to have a half a grapefruit, or amy be some kiwi.  Dinner will be the mustard talapia, roasted asparagus.  So that's it for today.  One little baby boy is hollering for me now...

Until tomorrow...

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